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A play and a concert

Received the play, Simply Christmas, and it looks great!  The families I am working with are okay with a Christmas play, but were thinking they would put on a concert, too.  This will definitely accomplish both!

So easy and a lot of fun

We would like to go ahead and order Simply Christmas and are looking forward to another great year of your musical arrangements and working with your script.  It’s always so easy and a lot of fun all around!!!

Amazing programs

I have previously ordered programs from you and now I am serving a rural two-point parish.  I am looking forward to bringing Jesus’ birth story to the congregation through one of your amazing programs.  Thank...

A message all will remember

The Christmas program was wonderful!  What a treat!  Simply Christmas was well done and had a message all will remember.  The children will remember the message because it was in their language and it was so meaningful.  Thank you and God...