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Fun and exciting

We would like to thank you for creating such a fun and exciting Christmas musical.  We enjoyed the creative music and the story it had to share!

Met all our expectations

The songs are prayerful and respectful and musically very satisfying.  The play has its “cute” moments but the underlying message is a very serious one.  Your Christmas musical met all our expectations with flying...

Amazing music

I teach music for special needs children.  We have approximately 100 children with special needs that make speaking/singing a real challenge.  Each Christmas our entire school comes together to tell the Christmas story.  Each child has a speaking part and sings at...

A new song in your heart

As a pastor’s wife and mother of four, I think it is very important that we give our children every opportunity to instill God’s word into their lives.  Music and drama is a great way to do that.  There is something about going through the motions and...

Most wonderful program

Many parents considered this the most wonderful program ever.  They remarked that the elderly grandparents they brought to the program had never understood the Gospel so clearly.