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A Piece of Christmas

40 Minute Musical:  Item #2090
20 Minute Musical:  Item #2094

A Piece of Christmas is a Christmas program for preschool through elementary age children.  This musical includes 8 Christmas songs (4 Christmas carols and 4 original songs) and a script with speaking parts.


A piece of fabric . . . that’s the main prop in A Piece of Christmas.
. . . Joseph will wrap the fabric around Mary so she can keep warm.
. . . The shepherds will use the piece of fabric to towel-dry the sheep after their Saturday night bath in the field.
. . . The angels will raise the fabric overhead as they sing their song of praise to God.
As this piece of fabric weaves its way through the Christmas story, your children will be reminded that the best piece of Christmas is the Savior – the one who fills our lives with love, joy and hope.

You have your choice of a full-length 40-minute program or a short 20-minute program – similar script but less music.

Check out the following songs that are in the 40-minute version of A Piece of Christmas:

Yoodle-oo – 2313

Song celebrating being blessed, country-western style with claps & stomps, includes refrain from Go Tell It on the Mountain refrain & verse 1 of Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

The following songs are in the 20-minute version of A Piece of Christmas:
This is a Piece
What Child is This
Away in a Manger
We’ve Got Good News

Click here to read a script excerpt from this program.

A Piece of Christmas includes:
1)  kid-friendly arrangements of 4 Christmas carols and 4 original Christmas songs . . . and at least one song that your preschoolers can sing,
2)  free instructions for including snaps, stomps, claps, motions, sign language and rhythm instruments in the songs,
3)  piano score with guitar chords,
4)  a listening CD (a vocal recording of the full version of each song),
5)  a script that includes the Christmas text from Luke 2 along with 16 speaking parts (and the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children), prop list and staging.


Ready to buy this Christmas program for your kids?


Purchase of this Christmas program grants you permission to make as many copies of the sheet music, lyric sheet, script and MP3s/CDs as you need for your performance.

(Item #2090) You have your choice of a full-length 40-minute program  Price
a short 20-minute program (Item #2094) – similar script but less music.  Price

Purchase this musical in digital format and everything will be e-mailed.  You print PDFs of the sheet music & script and create your own MP3 playlist.
Purchase a paper copy of this musical with a CD and Cathy will send the musical and listening CD via priority mail. Cathy will e-mail your script (MSWord format) so you can add your actor’s names and edit the script as needed.  All you have to do is ask!

Item #2091 – Accompaniment tracks (MP3s or CDs) come in handy when your piano player isn’t available or when you need to free up your hands to teach motions or sign language to your children.  These accompaniment tracks may also be used for your performance – it’s like hiring a piano player who plays the music the same way every time!  A keyboard-only accompaniment CD (no vocals) is available.  If you prefer digital format for your accompaniment tracks, MP3s can be e-mailed.  Price

Item #2092 – To preview this children’s Christmas program, a preview package is available that includes the full script and the listening CD (a vocal recording of the full version of each song).   The preview package does not include permission to perform the script or any of the songs in the musical.  Price

Item #2093 – If you would like to use the 10-12 minute script as your play and insert your own children’s Christmas songs, you may purchase the performance rights for the script.  This script includes the Christmas text from Luke 2 along with 16 speaking parts (and the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children), prop list and staging.  The script can be sent via e-mail to save shipping charges.  Price

If you already have a script and you prefer to purchase individual songs from Cathy’s Christmas musicals, you have the following options:
1.   Purchase sheet music.  Sheet music includes piano score, guitar chords and motions.  Sheet music can be e-mailed (PDF format) OR printed and mailed.
2.   Purchase an MP3 to go along with your sheet music.  MP3s include two tracks for each song:  a vocal track and a keyboard-only accompaniment track with no vocals.  MP3’s are e-mailed.
3.   Purchase a Custom CD to go along with your sheet music.  There is a $10 labor charge for each custom CD plus the cost of each song that you purchase.  Custom CDs include both a vocal track of the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.  Custom CDs are shipped via priority mail.

Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.

Cannot rave enough

We did our performance of A Piece of Christmas and it was probably one of our best productions.  The kids absolutely loved the songs!  The way in which you incorporated contemporary songs with the traditional songs was incredible.  I just cannot rave enough about this program.

Kim H.
Trinity Lutheran Church

Everyone had a chance to shine

We just finished A Piece of Christmas and it was a great success!  Everyone loved the music, the choreography, the sign language, the story line, and how each of the parts was shared so equitably – everyone had a chance to shine.  Keep up the great work.

Kristin J.

Really enjoyed the humor

The children loved the music in A Piece of Christmas.  They did a great job with the motions as well as the singing.  The speaking parts were just the right size for our children to learn.  Both the congregation and the children really enjoyed the humor as well as the message of the play.

Cindy J.
United Methodist Church

Very do-able

Here we are again.  This is the 5th year in a row that we are using your music for our Christmas program.  Your programs are very ‘do-able’ for our small, country church and we love the fun music.

Newkirk Reformed Church

So upbeat

I can’t wait to put A Piece of Christmas on at our church for Christmas.  The children in our Sunday School will just love it!  It is so upbeat and the props are so easy to come by.  Thanks so very much.

Flo M.
First Lutheran Church

It was wonderful

Our school presented A Piece of Christmas and it was WONDERFUL!!!!  Thank you so much for your God-given gift of creativity.  The children loved it, the parents loved it and I loved it.

Sue R.
New Testament Christian School

Wonderful faith-filled musicals

Thanks so much for your wonderful faith-filled musicals!  This is our fourth year with your programs and each one is more delightful than the next.  The children love the upbeat music and the speaking parts are always so much fun.  When it was all over, the kids and parents all glowed with pride.  Thanks for sharing your time and talent to bring the true meaning of Christmas to our families here at St. John’s

Shirley V.
St. John's Catholic School

The kids wanted to take part

We performed A Piece of Christmas and the children’s program tripled in size because the kids wanted to take part in the musical.  Thank you!

Lynne A.
Christ Church