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Worship Services & Skits

Need ideas for including your kids in virtual worship
or your worship time together?


Skit-with-a-Song for Kids

These 5-minute skits are perfect for children to do for a worship service . . .
AND they include a song!

Picture the Holy Spirit  (8 children)
Clothes Line Prayers
 (7-12 children)
God’s Work / Our Hands Prayer  (10+ children)
Reformation Scramble Prayer  (leader & 11 children)
Prayer Can Be a Ball  (leader & 4-10 children)
The Dones and Left Undones  (narrator & 7-12 children)
All Are Welcome  (narrator & 10-20 children)
Cheer Each Other On  (narrator & 4 puppets/child actors)
Hats Remind Us  (narrator & 10-20 children)
Let’s Think Outside the Plate  (narrator & 3 actors)
Sisters Agree to Disagree on What’s Better  (2 children – sisters)
Ten Thankful People  (narrator & 12 children)
The Good Samaritan – the Long and Short of it  (narrator & 4 puppets)
The Lord’s Prayer Puppet Show  (narrator & 4 puppets)
The Possibilities Are Endless  (narrator & 12 children)
Umbrellas & Bubbles & Prayers  (leader & 2-10 children)
Welcome to Worship Fashion Show  (2 narrators & 16 children)




Kids Lead Worship
AND Have Fun!

Sound Bites for Kids

Children record these simple 1-2-minute skits
at home to use in virtual, online worship OR
they can perform them LIVE during a worship service!

The Day Has Many Faces  (narrator & pictures of 1-6 children)
One Little Word  (narrator & 2 children)
God With Us – Pics Anyone?  (narrator & 2-3 children)
Build Each Other Up  (narrator & 1-2 children)
Need a Little Comfort? (narrator & 1 child w/pet)
The Body of Christ – Go Team! (narrator & 3-4 children)
We Walk by Faith (monologue by child)
An Examination by Dr. Good (2 puppets or 1 puppet & 1 child)
Are You Ready? (narrator & 2-3 children)
Get Dressed – God-style  (narrator & 2 children)
Have a Ball  (narrator & 2 children)


Children holding applause sign in Christmas: We're on the Air musical.

Children’s Worship Services

These 45-minute services include skits and songs that are designed to engage children and their families in worship.


God’s Big Love
God’s Listening


Worship for Children
and Their Families!

Congregational Worship

Worship in a new way for a season . . .
Sunday mornings,
mid-week service,
evening worship
or outdoor worship.

Evening Grace
I Am Here I Am
Meditations of the Heart
Meditations on the Mountains
Sing a New Song

See All Songs for Congregational Worship


Worship for Everyone!