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An Examination by Dr. Good

Sound Bites for Kids Item #7003 

An Examination by Dr. Good  is a Sound Bite that your children can create at home for use in a virtual, online worship service.  


What are the best words you can hear in the doctor’s office?  It is good!  When a child is examined during this skit, Dr. Good notes that many things are good.  At the end of the examination, even the doctor is affirmed for being kind to the patient and having a good heart that seeks to serve.
(NOTE:  While we were sheltering due to Covid 19, individual families recorded these Sound Bites in their homes using their phones.)

Theme:  A good heart that seeks to serve
Characters:  Narrator and 1 puppet & 1 child (or 2 children)
Performance time:  1-2 minutes

Here’s a An Examination by Dr. Good script excerpt:
NOTE:  A puppet makes a great Dr. Good character.
(child enters and takes a seat; doctor starts examination)

Dr. Good:  (loudly to patient) Hey!
Child:  (startled & jumps in chair) What?
Dr. Good:  (loud whisper to child)  Can you hear me?
Child:  (loud whisper back)  Yes I can.
Dr. Good:  (to camera) It is good!
Narrator:  These ears will hear the big sounds and the gentle sounds that are a part of God’s world. 
(pause)  The next part of Dr. Good’s examination is the nose and mouth.
(child opens mouth & Dr. Good peeks into mouth & then looks up nose)
Child:  (sneezes while Dr. Good is looking up nose)  Achoo!  Achoo!
(Dr. Good leaves & returns with a tissue for child;  Dr. Good wipes nose & hands child the tissue)
Child:  Thank you, Dr. Good.
Dr. Good:  (to child)  You are welcome.  (to camera)  Nose and mouth.  It is good!
Narrator:  Great to hear that the mouth and nose are good because they will be used to talk and smile and smell and sneeze in the coming week.  And about that sneeze, Dr. Good.  You showed us a good heart when your patient sneezed and you stopped what you were doing to help out with a tissue.
Dr. Good:  It is good?
Narrator:  It is good!  A good heart that seeks to serve is always good!
(full script is 1-2 minutes long)

This Sound Bite for Kids package includes:
1) a script that includes a narrator and speaking parts for 1 puppet & 1 child (or 2 children)
2) prop list & staging
3) performance rights to use the script for virtual worship
Script is sent via e-mail.       


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