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Hats Remind Us

Skit-with-a-Song for Kids Item #6009  

Hats Remind Us  is a narrated skit-with-a-song that elementary age children can perform during worship.

Did you know that hats can help us think about God?  Bad-hair-day hats, fancy hats, bandanas, hard hats, a chef hat, baseball hats & warm hats . . . they all have a way of teaching us a little something about God and ourselves.

Theme:  God is with us
– no matter what kind of day we are having.
Characters:  Narrator & 10-20 children wearing an assortment of hats
Song:  God’s Love Shows
– this song includes motions
Performance time:  5 minutes  Price

Here’s a Hats Remind Us script excerpt:
(children enter wearing fancy hats & stand center stage)
Narrator:   Fancy hats remind us of God’s creativity in nature.  It’s those moments that make us say, “Wow . . . look at that!”  It might be a bright red flower, or a bug with lots and lots of legs, or a sunrise that makes us want to get out of bed in the morning.
(children with fancy hats exit; children with bandanas enter & stand center stage single file behind each other with bandanas on arm, around neck, on top of head, around leg and over nose like a bandit)
We like hats that let us express ourselves in our own special way.  Bandanas remind us that we may all be God’s children, but we get to use the gifts God gives us in a whole bunch of different ways.
(first child models bandana then exits, second child models bandana then exits, etc. until all children have exited; child enters wearing hard hat & stands center stage)
Life can be hard, and hard hats remind us that hard stuff happens.
(knock fist on hard hat or have a child enter and knock on hard hat)
God doesn’t take the hard stuff away, but God promises to be with us through all the hard stuff.
(child with hard hat exits; children with baseball hats enter carrying their hats)
Baseball hats remind us that God goes before us,
(put baseball hat on with brim toward front)
God comes behind us,
(turn baseball hat so the brim is in the back)
and God will always walk beside us.
(turn baseball hat so the brim is on one side; children with baseball hats put hands together for a team cheer)
ALL baseball hat children together:  1 – 2 – 3 – Let’s Go!
(children with baseball hats exit)
(full skit and song are approximately 5 minutes long)

Check out the song in this package, God’s Love Shows.


This Skit-with-a-Song for Kids package includes:
1)  Sheet music includes a piano score with guitar chords.
2)  Lyric sheet.
3)  MP3s include two tracks – a vocal track of the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.
4)  Narrated skit (with the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children), prop list and staging.
5)  Permission to make copies of the sheet music, lyric sheet, MP3s and script – as many copies as you need for your performance.  Price
Everything is sent via e-mail.  You receive the script and song quickly and there are no shipping charges.


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