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One Little Word

Sound Bites for Kids Item #7010 

One Little World is a Sound Bite skit that your kids can record at home for use in a virtual, online worship service.  


You start with one little word.  Then children go and find something to go along with that word.  We all respond to words in different ways and children will remind us that God’s words encourage us to live lives of love and care.
(NOTE:  While we were sheltering due to Covid 19, individual families recorded these Sound Bites in their homes using their phones.  These Sound Bites can also be done LIVE during a worship service.)

Theme:  God’s words
Characters:  Narrator and 2 children
Performance time:  1-2 minutes

Here’s a One Little Word script excerpt:
(children are sitting waiting to play a game)
Narrator:  Come and play a game with us.  It’s called One Little Word.
Listen, then go find one thing to match the word you heard.
When we all have something, then we’ll show you what we found.
No one thinks the same so that means fun is all around.
One Little Word, One Little Word.  This little word is RED.
Go and get something you can show us that is RED.
(children exit; Child #1 returns with a red shirt and Child #2 returns with a book that can be READ)
Come and play this game with us.  It’s called One Little Word.
Listen, then go live your life to match the word you heard.
Every time you hear God’s words like good and kind and fair,
Go and do your best to share God’s love and show you care.
(full script is 1-2 minutes long)

This Sound Bite for Kids package includes:
1) a script that includes a narrator and acting parts for 2 children
2) prop list & staging
3) performance rights to use the script for virtual worship
Script is sent via e-mail.       


Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.