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Keyboard Accompaniment CD's

No one available to play piano for your upcoming performance?  Don’t panic!  Accompaniment tracks (MP3s) or accompaniment tracks on CD are available for all musical programs.  Accompaniment tracks are a recording of the keyboard playing the full version of each song (no vocals).  These work great for a performance and can come in handy for rehearsals, too.



MP3s are available for many of my preschool & children’s songs.  You have your choice:
1)  purchase just the sheet music for a song
2)  purchase just the MP3 for a song (includes both the vocal & accompaniment tracks)
3)  purchase both the sheet music and MP3 for a song.

Create your own MP3 playlist
burn your MP3s to a CD.

Other Plans

My goal is to be a resource and, while I can’t follow through on every request, I welcome your ideas!  Who knows, maybe your idea will be the theme of my next musical!


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My web site is best viewed using a display resolution of 800×600 pixels. Most pages should load in less than 20 seconds if you have a 28.8Kbps or faster modem, and should print out OK on most printers. Comments about any aspect of this site would be VERY appreciated! 



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Everyone who orders from me and provides their e-mail address & mailing address is automatically on my mailing list.  I use e-mail to update customers on new releases and remind customers of seasonal resources that might come in handy. 

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Refunds & Exchanges

Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.