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God’s Listening

Item #5001

God’s Listening is a 45-minute children’s worship service designed to engage children and their families in active worship participation.


God’s Listening is a worship service that helps children and their families learn about prayer.

God’s Listening includes:
. . . a Psalm 150 call to worship band with your children playing the instruments
. . . a skit featuring a Roving Reporter who is getting the scoop on prayer in your community
. . . hand out bookmarks where each color reminds us to pray for different things/people
. . . sign language for a prayer song
. . . ideas on how to organize your service & permission to make as many copies as needed
. . . sheet music with piano score & guitar chords.

Check out the songs that are included in this children’s worship service:

1) I Will Sing

2) Pray, Don’t Worry

3) Anyplace Can Be a Place of Prayer

4) Jesus, Teach Us to Pray

5) We Pray in Many Ways

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Get us going

Your workshop about creating a children’s worship service was exactly what we were looking for.  We’ve been thinking about doing this kind of a service for quite a while but needed your creative input to get us going.

Atonement Lutheran Church