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Have a Ball

Sound Bites for Kids Item #7007 


Have a Ball is a Sound Bite that your kids can record at home for use in a virtual, online worship service.  


No matter what kind of week you have had, God was with you and God will be with you as you make your way through the week ahead.  Kids will use balls as props when demonstrating what life has thrown at you this past week.
(NOTE:  While we were sheltering due to Covid 19, individual families recorded these Sound Bites in their homes using their phones.)

Theme:  God’s promise to be with you
Characters:  Narrator and 2 children
Performance time:  1-2 minutes

Here’s a Have a Ball script excerpt:
(Child #1 & Child #2 stand 4-6 feet apart; Child #1 has a tennis ball)
Narrator:  Was it one of those weeks where you did a great job of handling everything that was thrown at you?
(Child #1 tosses tennis ball at Child #2; Child #2 catches the ball and tosses it back to Child #1 who catches the ball.  Both children give camera a thumbs up)
Or did you have one of those weeks where you were surprised by a few things?
(Child #2 stands with back to Child #1; Child #1 tosses nerf ball at Child #2 & hits Child #2 in the back of the head.  Both children look at camera and shrug shoulders)
No matter what you have been through this week, God was there with you.
Through the catches. 
(Child #1 holds up tennis ball)
Through the misses. 
(Child #2 holds up nerf ball)
God was with you this past week and God will be with you as you make your way through the week ahead.  Have a good week and remember to have a ball!
(full script is 1-2 minutes long)

This Sound Bite for Kids package includes:
1) a script that includes a narrator and acting parts for 2 children
2) prop list & staging
3) performance rights to use the script for virtual worship
Script is sent via e-mail.       


Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.