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Virtual Christmas Programs

Pre-school and children’s programs to ensure everyone still celebrates Christmas . . . even when they can’t be there in person.

Here’s how Cathy adapts a live Christmas program to create a virtual Christmas program for children:

  • Select from the list of programs on this page.
  • Cut the Christmas program into bite-sized pieces.
  • Recruit children to read, sing, & dress up in costumes or hold props.
  • Invite family members to record video or audio files of children as readers & narrators (web cam & cell phone mics & videos work great).
  • Instruct family members to take digital pictures or create videos of the children as the Christmas characters in their costumes with their props.
  • Ask family members to record children singing the songs OR use Cathy’s voice on MP3 and video the children doing the actions & sign language.
  • Check with your tech crew at church for instructions on uploading or e-mailing all of the audio & video files to them so they can edit everything.
  • Your tech crew will link all the pieces of the Christmas program together and post it on your church web site.
  • Church members, families & grandparents tune in to watch the children as they make the Christmas story come to life.

For a detailed tip sheet, check out Cathy’s Virtual Christmas Program tips.

Adapt a Christmas Musical & Go Virtual!

Let Us Help You Find What You’re Looking For…

Purchase one of the following narrated Christmas programs, and receive a free copy of Cathy’s Tips for Putting on a Virtual Christmas Program: