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Are You Ready?

Sound Bites for Kids Item #7002 

Are You Ready?  is a Sound Bite skit that your kids record at home for use in a virtual, online worship service.  


What do you do to prepare yourself to be a good listener and hear from God?  In this Sound Bite, when kids are told that it’s almost time for church, they scramble to round up whatever they need to be good listeners.
(NOTE:  While we were sheltering due to Covid 19, individual families recorded these Sound Bites in their homes using their phones.)

Theme:  Getting ready to hear from God
Characters:  Narrator and 2-3 children
Performance time:  1-2 minutes

Here’s a Are You Ready? script excerpt:
(camera focuses on an empty sofa)
Narrator:  It’s almost time for church!  Come on!  Come and sit down!  Time to hear from God!  
(siblings enter & sit beside each other on sofa)
Time to listen.  Does anyone need anything to be a good listener?
(children leave, one by one, to go and get “good listener” supplies)
Child #1:  One more thing.
(jumps up and returns with a coffee cup and shows it to the camera)
Child #1:  Gotta have my coffee to help me stay awake!
Narrator:  Perfect!  We are ready for church.  Our kids are here to say, “Do whatever you need to do to be a good listener and hear from God . . . when you come to church . . . and wherever you are every day.”
(full script is 1-2 minutes long)

This Sound Bite for Kids package includes:
1) a script that includes a narrator and acting parts for 2-3 children
2) prop list & staging
3) performance rights to use the script for virtual worship
Script is sent via e-mail.       


Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.