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We Walk by Faith

Sound Bites for Kids Item #7004 

We Walk by Faith  is a Sound Bite skit that your kids can create at home for use in a virtual, online worship service.  


What does your faith walk look like?  We crawl, we walk, we get around faster with a bike or scooter . . . and sometimes we spin.  Isaiah 2:5 says, “Come, let us walk in the light of God.”  That’s a good place to start!
(NOTE:  While we were sheltering due to Covid 19, individual families recorded these Sound Bites in their homes using their phones.)

Theme:  We walk by faith
Characters:  Narrator & 1 child (or a monologue by 1 child)
Performance time:  1-2 minutes

Here’s a We Walk by Faith script excerpt:
(child is standing with a bike)
This is my bike.  It’s great for longer trips that might include going up short hills and going down really long hills.
(hops off bike and sits in office chair)
This is an office chair.  I use it on the days when I don’t need to get anywhere and I feel like chilling.
(spins around on office chair a few times; stay seated in office chair)
Most of us walk.  (pause)
As Christians, we walk by faith. 
So what does your faith walk look like? 
A crawl? 
A short burst on a scooter? 
Maybe it looks like this! 
(spins around in office chair)
I think Isaiah thought a walk was a good place to start.  Isaiah 2:5 says, “Come, let us walk in the light of God.”  It’s a good place to start.  
(full script is 1-2 minutes long)

This Sound Bite for Kids package includes:
1) a script that includes a narrator & 1 child (or a monologue by 1 child)
2) prop list & staging
3) performance rights to use the script for virtual worship
Script is sent via e-mail.       


Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.