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Reimagine Advent

35-Minute Musical
Item #2160a – Digital format

Item #2160b – Paper copy

Reimagine Advent is an action-packed Advent musical for preschool through elementary age children.  This program includes poems, skits, a puppet show and 7 kid-friendly songs.


When it’s time to set up the Advent wreath, let your kids creatively kick off the Advent season for your faith community with Reimagine Advent! There are lots of ways to Reimagine Advent: 
. . . . A reporter gives us the scoop on “The Advent Wait” and the puppets who have gathered because they know that Jesus is worth the wait.
. . . . Children read poems as the candles are placed in the Advent wreath – candles for hope, peace, joy and love.
. . . . Add in some bubbles of hope, balloons of joy, a peace bucket band, hats, mittens, boots & hair nets for skits about love and you are almost there!
When the musical ends, the Advent wreath and candles will be ready for the season and everyone will be reminded of the light that Jesus brings . . . a light that we get to share with the world.

The L is for love and God’s love is so kind.  It’s good and unending, the best you can find.
The O is for over and under and far.  God’s love always reaches wherever we are.
The V is for volume.  There’s no need to yell.  In fact, when you’re gentle, your love will be swell.
The E is for easy.  I wish it would be; Love’s not always easy, on this we agree.
So place the LOVE candle.  It’s flame is divine.  You know God will guide you, so let your light shine.


Check out the songs that are included in Reimagine Advent:

Remember – 2279

Song for kids about the promise that God's presence is with us, mellow style with sign language (this song is included in the Advent ...

God With Us – 5159

Kids song about God's presence with us, Gospel style with claps or tambourines (this song is included in the Advent program for children, ...

Click here to read a script excerpt from this program.

Reimagine Advent includes:
1)  7 kid-friendly songs,
2)  free instructions for including kazoos, hand jives, claps, motions, sign language and rhythm instruments in the songs, 
3)  piano score with guitar chords,
4)  vocal MP3s so you can create your own playlist or CD OR a listening CD (you get to choose digital or hard copy).
5)  a script that includes 4 speaking parts and lots of Reader parts, scripture texts, 7 non-speaking puppet parts and 15-30 non-speaking actor parts (and the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children), prop list and staging.
Program performance time: 35 minutes.


Purchase of this Advent program grants you permission to make as many copies of the sheet music, lyric sheet, script and MP3s/CDs as you need for your performance.

Item #2160a – Digital format Price
Item #2160b – Paper Copy Price
Purchase this musical in digital format
and everything will be e-mailed.  You print PDFs of the sheet music & script and create your own MP3 playlist.
Purchase a paper copy of this musical with a CD and Cathy will send the musical and listening CD via priority mail. Cathy will e-mail your script (MSWord format) so you can add your actor’s names and edit the script as needed.  All you have to do is ask!


Item #2161a – MP3 accompaniment tracks
Item #2161b – Accompaniment tracks on CD
Accompaniment tracks (MP3s or CDs)
come in handy when your piano player isn’t available or when you need to free up your hands to teach motions or sign language to your children.  These accompaniment tracks may also be used for your performance – it’s like hiring a piano player who plays the music the same way every time!  A keyboard-only accompaniment CD (no vocals) is available.  If you prefer digital format for your accompaniment tracks, MP3s can be e-mailed.



Item #2163 – Script only
If you would like to use the 10-12 minute script
as your play and insert your own children’s songs, you may purchase the performance rights for the script.  This script includes 4 speaking parts and lots of Reader parts, scripture texts, 7 non-speaking puppet parts and 15-30 non-speaking actor parts (and the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children), prop list and staging.  The script can be sent via e-mail to save shipping charges.


If you already have a script and you prefer to purchase individual songs from Cathy’s musicals, you have the following options:
1.   Purchase sheet music.  Sheet music includes piano score, guitar chords and motions.  Sheet music can be e-mailed (PDF format) OR printed and mailed.
2.   Purchase an MP3 to go along with your sheet music.  MP3s include two tracks for each song:  a vocal track and a keyboard-only accompaniment track with no vocals.  MP3’s are e-mailed.

Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.


Glowing and humming all afternoon

Since the kids came home from being in the Reimagine Advent program, they have been glowing and humming all afternoon.  And I feel more grounded and less distracted with the noise of the season.  The words you give the kids to proclaim touch my heart deeply. Thank you for who you are and all you do.

Sarah C.


I just wanted to thank you for the marvelous Advent program.  The kids were adorable.  All your props, music and dialogue were outstanding.  I continue to be in awe of your talent and creativity.  What you do with children is so important.  They will carry the words and music with them forever.  Much love!

Sara D.
St. Timothy Lutheran Church