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Welcome To Worship Fashion Show

Skit-with-a-Song for Kids Item #6002 
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The Welcome to Worship Fashion Show  is a narrated skit-with-a-song that elementary age children can perform during worship.

Take a look around the church and you will notice that a wide variety of people have gathered to worship together.  Whoever you are, you are welcome!

Theme:  Wherever two or three are gathered, God is here with us AND promises to be with us where ever we find ourselves during the week.
Characters:  2 Narrators and 16 non-speaking parts (your kids get to act, but they don’t have to say any lines) and the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children.
Song:  God With Us – this Gospel-style song includes claps
Performance time:  5 minutes 

Here’s a Welcome to Worship Fashion Show script excerpt:
(Children are seated up front on risers with their props.  2 Late People are standing at the back of the church.  As Narrator 1 names a character, each child walks like a fashion model to the front of the stage and poses as Narrator #2 describes their “fashion”.)
Narrator 1:  Welcome to worship.  From up here, we can see that we have a wide variety of people here for worship today.  I think I see some moms here today.
(Mom enters wearing an apron and walks to front of stage and poses)
Narrator 2:  There are a lot of great aprons on the market and this mom has chosen one of this year’s hot colors. 
(Mom turns so congregation can see the back and then turns to front)  
Narrator 2:  We were told that this apron matches the colors in her kitchen!  Good choice! 
(APPLAUSE sign goes up and everyone claps; Mom returns to seat on risers as Dad prepares to enter)
Narrator 1:  Also among the people who are here to worship, are the dads.  
(Dad enters wearing a baseball hat and carrying grilling utensils and walks to front of stage and poses)
Narrator 2:  It looks like this dad came straight from a back-yard barbeque.  Way to share your gifts with your neighbors, dad! 
(Dad takes a bow.  APPLAUSE sign goes up and everyone claps;  Dad returns to seat on risers and 2 Late People prepare to enter from the back of the church)
Narrator 1: 
(2 Late People run to front of church as speaking begins) And of course, there were a few people in the congregation who were running a bit late this morning.  
(Late People stop center stage – one is brushing their teeth and the other is buttoning their shirt)
Narrator 2:  Glad to have you here today. 
(Late People nod to Narrator 2; APPLAUSE sign goes up and everyone claps;  Late People take a seat on risers)
Narrator 1:  Welcome to worship – whoever you are.
Narrator 2:  We know that where two or three are gathered, God is here with us.

Narrator: 1:  That’s right.  And God promises to be with us, not only in this place, but wherever we find ourselves in the coming week.
(full skit and song are approximately 5 minutes long)

Listen to a short sample of the song in this Skit-with-a-Song for Kids package, God With Us.


This Skit-with-a-Song for Kids package includes:
1)  Sheet music includes a piano score with guitar chords.
2)  Lyric sheet.
3)  MP3s include two tracks – a vocal track of the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.
4)  Narrated skit (with the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children), prop list and staging.
5)  Permission to make copies of the sheet music, lyric sheet, MP3s and script – as many copies as you need for your performance.

Everything is sent via e-mail.  You receive the script and song quickly and there are no shipping charges.

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