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The Dones and Left Un-dones

Skit-with-a-Song for Kids Item #6012

The Dones and Left Un-dones  is a narrated skit-with-a-song about confession that elementary age children can perform during worship.

Confession is about opening our hearts and lives to God.  When we tell God we’re sorry for the things that we’ve said or done that we shouldn’t have – those are the dones.  When we tell God the things we didn’t get around to doing or saying that we should have – those are the left-undones.  God lovingly forgives everything.

Theme:  The many ways we confess our dones and left un-dones and God’s loving forgiveness.
Characters:  Narrator and leader & 6-12 non-speaking parts (your kids get to act, but they don’t have to say any lines) and the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children.
Song:  No Matter What – this rag-time-style song includes motions
Performance time:  5 minutes  Price

Here’s a The Dones and Left Un-dones script excerpt:
(Children use bandanas as visuals for the things they confess.  Children enter one at a time and approach the leader who is center stage behind a bin and is ready to take their bandanas & place them in the bin plus affirm them for taking the time for confession)
Narrator:  Here comes someone who is having a hard time coming up with something to confess.  
(child enters and stands center stage, stops and thinks for a moment; leader thinks with the child; child shrugs and leaves without leaving a bandana; leader shrugs, too)
Narrator:  Oh look, here come a couple of people who have something they need to confess together. 
(two children enter holding a bandana between them and stop center stage handing leader their bandana; leader drops bandana in bin and  high “5’s” them both and the children exit together)  
Narrator:  Some people have made mistakes that everyone knows about.  It’s right out there, so why try to hide anything.  
(child enters twirling bandana around & around so everyone one can see & then drops it in the bin.  Leader pats child on back and child exits)
Narrator:  Some folks have one small thing to confess.  Then they discover that the one small thing is linked to a whole string of other things.  They might as well confess to everything.  
(child enters with a long string of bandanas that have been tied together and tucked into their shirt so only one small tip of the string is sticking out their sleeve.  Leader pulls on the tip and slowly pulls out a very very long string of bandanas.  Child breathes a sigh of relief and leader does, too; leader places string of bandanas into bin & child exits)
Narrator:  That’s confession in a nutshell.  We open our hearts and lives to God.  We tell God we’re sorry.  Then God lovingly forgives us. 
All children:
(enter and stand with leader; together they pull their fists down to their sides) YES! 
(full skit and song are approximately 5 minutes long)


Check out the song in this Skit-with-a-Song for Kids package, No Matter What.


This Skit-with-a-Song for Kids package includes:
1)  Sheet music includes a piano score with guitar chords.
2)  Lyric sheet.
3)  MP3s include two tracks – a vocal track of the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.
4)  Narrated skit (with the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children), prop list and staging.
5)  Permission to make copies of the sheet music, lyric sheet, MP3s and script – as many copies as you need for your performance.  Price
Everything is sent via e-mail.  You receive the script and song quickly and there are no shipping charges.

Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.