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The Possibilities are Endless

Skit-with-a-Song for Kids Item #6001 

The Possibilities are Endless  is a narrated skit-with-a-song that elementary age children can perform during worship.


Looking for a new way to welcome and greet each other in church?  We’ll show you that a hand shake is popular but there are lots of other options available . . . from fist bumps to jellyfish handshakes.

Theme:  Welcome and greeting.  When you greet someone, remember to remind them of God’s peace.
Characters:  1 Narrator and 12 non-speaking parts (your kids get to act, but they don’t have to say any lines) and the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children.
Song:  Pass the Love – this swing-style song includes hand shakes
Performance time:  5 minutes

Here’s a The Possibilities are Endless script excerpt:
(Children #1 – #12 go center stage and make a semi-circle – leaving space for individuals to step forward to act out the following parts as the narrator reads)
(to the audience) Before we share God’s peace and greet each other today, we wanted to remind you of the many ways we can greet each other.
(Child #1 & #2 step forward facing each other)
A greeting we see a lot here at (name of your church or school), is a handshake.
(Child #1 & #2 shake hands then both children step back into semi-circle)
This is the germiest greeting, so we wanted to show you a few additional greetings.  These greetings might be appropriate for those you who wonder if you coming down with a cold, those of you who missed a day of work or school this week because you have a cold, and for those of you who don’t want to get a cold or the flu.
(gesture toward children in semi-circle)
One greeting option is a friendly wave.
(ALL children smile and wave to audience; then Child #3 & #4 step forward facing each other.)
Then there’s a fist bump,
(Child #3 & #4 bump fists together)
which can quickly turn into a forearm bump,
(Child #3 & #4 bump forearms together)
and, for the more athletically inclined, the chest bump. 
(Child #3 & #4 chest bump and then both children step back into semi-circle;  Child #5 & #6 step forward facing each other.)
It’s all about making people feel welcome and reminding them that God’s peace is for them.  So please stand and join us as we greet each other.  Just a small reminder . . . the possibilities are endless!
(full skit and song are approximately 5 minutes long)


Check out the song in this package, Pass the Love.


This Skit-with-a-Song for Kids package includes:
1)  Sheet music includes a piano score with guitar chords.
2)  Lyric sheet.
3)  MP3s include two tracks – a vocal track of the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.
4)  Narrated skit (with the option to expand the parts to include more children or combine the parts for fewer children), prop list and staging.
5)  Permission to make copies of the sheet music, lyric sheet, MP3s and script – as many copies as you need for your performance.  Price

Everything is sent via e-mail.  You receive the script and song quickly and there are no shipping charges.

Please note that all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.