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Let’s Think Outside the Plate

Skit-with-a-Song for Kids Item #6007

Let’s Think Outside the Plate  is a narrated skit-with-a-song that elementary age children can perform during worship.

Watch as everyone joins in a group effort to get the Christmas tree lights to work.  Learn how the offering is an invitation to make a group effort at sharing what God has given us . . . and some of the best things we have to offer, aren’t the things we can put in an offering plate.

Theme:  The offering
– an invitation to be a part of a group effort of sharing what God has given us.
Characters:  Narrator and 3 non-speaking parts
(mom, sister & tall person)
Song:  Give God All We Got
– this swing-style song includes leg pats & motions
Performance time:  5 minutes

Here’s a Let’s Think Outside the Plate script excerpt:
(narrator enters carrying small Christmas tree with lights & sets it center stage)
Narrator:   So today I brought my Christmas tree.  It’s not very big, but when I plug it in . . . . Boom!  My ordinary bedroom is transformed into an extraordinary bedroom because of the light from the tree.  It’s all about the light!  Now today, I wouldn’t have been able to get the lights on my tree to work without some support.  First of all, I needed an extension cord.  Mom went to the local hardware store to pick up what I needed.
(mom enters with hardware store bag containing an extension cord; plugs cord to tree & strings cord out toward outlet & exits)
She’s good at that kind of stuff.  Then I needed to locate an outlet.  My sister was available to help with that. 
(sister stands stage right, blows whistle & jumps up and down, waving hands; then stands on step stool and holds “Outlet —>” sign so that it is pointing to an outlet in the wall)
As you can see, my sister is enthusiastic about everything – even outlets! 
(sister plugs extension cord into outlet & exits)
I’d like to get my tree up high enough so that everyone can see it.  For this, I have to go outside of my family because we are all vertically challenged.  (Name of tall person in audience), can you help out? 
(tall person come up front and holds tree overhead)
And there it is, (points to tree) a group effort to share an offering of a little light here today.  So whether it’s your Christmas tree, or your money, or your enthusiasm or your tall-ness, share what you can.  And remember to think outside the plate!  Some of the best things we have to offer, aren’t the things we can put in an offering plate.
(full skit and song are approximately 5 minutes long)

Check out the song in this package, Give God All We Got.


This Skit-with-a-Song for Kids package includes:
1)  Sheet music includes a piano score with guitar chords.
2)  Lyric sheet.
3)  MP3s include two tracks – a vocal track of the song and a keyboard-only track with no vocals.
4)  Narrated skit, prop list and staging.
5)  Permission to make copies of the sheet music, lyric sheet, MP3s and script – as many copies as you need for your performance.  Price
Everything is sent via e-mail.  You receive the script and song quickly and there are no shipping charges.


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