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Preschool Christmas Program Script Excerpts


A Bunch of Gifts for Christmas script excerpt:
10)  And now the angels need a gift with ribbons on the side.
We know it’s in this room so look around, both far and wide.
The ribbons will be on a box that’s white.  It must be here.
If you can see a white box, hold it up and we will cheer.
(Audience member holds up white box with ribbons & children cheer.  Audience member sets box with ribbons on table/stool, center stage.  Angels step close to table/stool.)

11)  This gift was for the shepherds, so the angels all came near.

The shepherds were afraid of them but they said, “Have no fear.”
(One angel opens box, takes out a ribbon from inside and holds it up so the audience can see it)
Inside the box were ribbons to remind them of one thing,
that Jesus had been born this day with lots of love to bring.

(Shepherds take ribbons out of box and put a ribbon on their pointer finger.  Audience member puts cover back on white box and places box stage left in the “Bunch of Gifts” pile; then returns to their seat.)

12)  Each shepherd took a ribbon, put it on and held it high.
(Shepherds hold ribboned fingers up for audience to see)
It would remind them God was with them and would stay nearby.
Remember, God had promised that a Savior would be sent.
When Jesus came to earth it was a big, big, big event.

13)  The shepherds had to celebrate this wonderful, good news.
They started jumping up and down and almost lost their shoes!

(Shepherds & sheep jump up and down)
They got directions from the angels how to find God’s son,
(Angels point to manger)
then off they went to meet the Prince of Peace, they had to run.
(Shepherds & sheep run to manger, then kneel & look at Jesus)

(Entire A Bunch of Gifts for Christmas script:  10-12 minutes)
Narrated script includes 22 rhymes & 13-25 non-speaking parts.


A Country Kind of Christmas script excerpt:
Reader:  Mary and Joseph are getting ready to take a trip.
(Mary enters carrying an open backpack that has a few extra bandanas in it)
They are going to a town called Bethlehem and it will be a very long trip.  Mary is going to have a baby so she wants to make sure they pack everything they will need while they are away from home.
(Joseph enters carrying 3 bandanas and sets them on the floor)
Mary has already put some food in her backpack, but Joseph wants to make sure and pack lots of bandanas . . . because you can never have too many bandanas on a trip.  A bandana comes in handy when you want to wave to someone you know.
(Joseph picks up a bandana and waves it at someone in the audience & then gives bandana to Mary; Mary places bandana in backpack)
A bandana can be used to wipe your nose if you feel like you are coming down with a cold.
(Joseph picks up another bandana, sneezes into it, wipes nose & then gives bandana to Mary; Mary wrinkles up her nose and holds it away from herself to avoid germs & then places bandana in backpack)
They have packed everything they need for their trip, so it’s time for Mary and Joseph to giddy-up and get goin’.  They aren’t sure where they will stay in Bethlehem.  But they know that, no matter where they go, God will be with them.

SongGiddy-up, Mary  (NOTE:  motions & walking in place & claps)

Reader:  Mary and Joseph made it to the town of Bethlehem.  It was packed with people and they soon discovered that there were no rooms available for them.  They needed to find a place to stay for the night and the only place available, was a barn.
(Mary & Joseph enter stage right & walk to manger at stage left as reader reads, Joseph is carrying the backpack.  Joseph sets backpack on floor & Mary picks up baby Jesus when they get to the manger)
While they were there, the time came for Mary to have her baby.  So there, in the barn, Mary gave birth to her first child.  They named the baby Jesus.  The manger was going to be Jesus’ first bed, so Joseph put some bandanas in the manger.
(Joseph takes a couple bandanas from backpack and places them in manger)
Mary laid the baby in the manger.
(Mary lays baby Jesus in the manger on the bandanas)
Then Joseph covered Jesus with the rest of the bandanas.
(Joseph takes a couple more bandanas from backpack and uses them to cover baby Jesus)
Mary was SO glad that Joseph had insisted on packing all of those bandanas!
(Mary pats Joseph on back)

(Entire A Country Kind of Christmas script:  10-12 minutes)
Narrated script includes 15-25 non-speaking parts.


Christmas All Around script excerpt:
(Joseph enters carrying suitcase and stands on right circle)
Our story starts with Joseph who has packed his bag to go.
He’s on his way to Bethlehem but stops to say, “Hello”.
(Joseph waves to the audience)

(Mary enters and stands next to Joseph on right circle)
And Mary will be walking next to Joseph all day long.
She thinks a trip goes faster if you sing a little song.

Song:  Walking to Bethlehem  (NOTE: finger motions)
(Mary & Joseph walk to left circle as music ends)

(Mary and Joseph walk around circle with one hand on forehead – looking for a place to stay)
Now when they got to town and saw the people all around,
They tried to find a place to stay but no room could be found.

(Kind person enters and goes to left circle, waves to Joseph and Mary, and points to the manger)
Then, finally, a person who was kind, said they could stay.
They stayed in a nice barn and slept on beds made out of hay.

(Entire Christmas All Around script:  9-11 minutes)
Script includes 15 original narrated rhymes and 10-25 non-speaking parts.


Christmas Hide and Seek script excerpt:
Narrator:  Mary and Joseph had traveled to Bethlehem and now they needed to find a place to sleep for the night.  Lots of other people had traveled to Bethlehem, too.  Many of the rooms were already taken.
(Mary & Joseph walk slowly past “No Room” sign holders toward “Room in Barn –> ” sign holder)
Mary and Joseph walked by many places that didn’t have a room for them.
(Mary and Joseph stop at “Room in Barn –> sign holder)
Then, finally, they came to a sign that said, “Room in Barn”.  Mary and Joseph were very excited to have found a place to sleep.  Sleeping in a barn was much better than sleeping outside.  They had never slept in a barn before, so this was going to be an adventure.  Before Mary and Joseph went into the barn, they knocked on the door.

(Mary & Joseph lead choir as they count)
Choir: (knock right fist on left open hand as each number is spoken, as if knocking on the barn door 10 times) 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.  Ready or not, here we come. 
(Mary and Joseph pretend to open door and peek into the barn)

Narrator:  When they opened the door, Mary and Joseph looked inside and saw some animals hiding in the barn.  Joseph pointed to the cat hiding behind the box.
(Joseph points at cat behind box; cat waves tail at Joseph)
Mary pointed to the cow hiding behind the sack of feed.
(Mary points at cow behind sack of feed; cow waves tail at Mary)
And they both pointed to the sheep hiding behind the manger.
(Mary and Joseph both point at sheep; sheep waves at Mary and Joseph)
The animals in the barn had all done a good job of hiding, but Mary and Joseph had also done a good job of finding them.  They found all of the animals in the barn and now it was time for Mary’s baby to be born.
(Cat, sheep & cow all go behind the box and peek out to watch as Mary and Joseph go to manger; Mary picks up baby and Joseph puts knapsack on floor)
Mary gave birth to a baby boy and she named him Jesus.  Jesus was a special baby because Jesus was born as the savior of the world.

(Entire Christmas Hide and Seek script:  10-12 minutes)
Narrated script includes 10-25 non-speaking parts.


Christmas in Our Jammies script excerpt:
Reader:  Our story starts with Mary and Joseph.

Picture #1 – Mary and Joseph standing side-by-side
They are going to take a trip to a town called Bethlehem, so they are packing a suitcase.
Picture #2 – Mary and Joseph putting clothes in a suitcase
Mary is going to have a baby.  They will need to stop and rest along the way, so Joseph is in charge of packing the snacks for their trip.
Picture #3 – Mary is sitting on suitcase and Joseph is handing her a banana
Mary and Joseph aren’t the only ones making this trip.  There will be lots and lots and lots of people going to Bethlehem, and all of those people will be looking for a place to stay.
Picture #4 – Close-up group shot of 6-10 children’s faces
Mary and Joseph know that it might be kind of hard to find a place to sleep when they get to town.  But they know that God will take care of them.

Spoken by Reader and Children together
(walk in place)  We’re walkin’, walkin’, walkin’ all the way to town.
(back of hand on forehead)  We’re tired, tired, tired.  Can we please sit down? (squat down)
(“salute” hand over eyes and look around)  We’re lookin’, lookin, lookin’ for a place to stay.
(hands together in prayer)  We’re prayin’, prayin’, prayin’ God will lead the way.
(hold both hands out in “stop” position)  We’re stoppin’, stoppin’, stoppin’ ’cause we found a place.
(spread arms out to sides)  It’s very, very, very big with lots of space.

(Entire Christmas in Our Jammies script: 
8-10 minutes)
Narrated script includes 3 finger plays and you add 21 pictures of your preschoolers.


Christmas In the Kitchen script excerpt:
(Angels enter and stand behind the shepherds)
1)  The angels came to see the shepherds, but as they came near,
the shepherd’s saw the angels and they all were filled with fear.  (shepherds cover their faces)
“Don’t be afraid,” the angels said, “We bring you joy and cheer, (shepherds look at angels)
the Savior that God promised has arrived.  Jesus is here!”

Song:  Hear the Angels Singin’  (NOTE: motions)
(As song is sung, shepherds & sheep stay stage right; half of the angels stay with the shepherds & half of the angels go to the kitchen to get round smiley-face cookies)

2)  The angels started singing and the shepherds had to smile. (angels that are close to the shepherds hold both hands overhead; shepherds smile at angels)
They hadn’t heard a concert in the field in quite a while.
The good news of the birthday of the savior was worthwhile.
The angels made some cookies and they made them up with style. (angels close to the shepherds, all of the shepherds & all of the sheep point to angels in the kitchen)

(Angels in the kitchen do the following motions)
3)  They made the cookies round and on each cookie was a face. (draw a big round circle in the air)
and each one had a smile, a smile that no one could erase. (draw a big smile in the air)
The smile is for the joy that Jesus brings us in this place,
and with that joy comes peace, and love, and hope, and lots of grace. (angels hold round smiley-face cookies up for audience to see)

(Entire Christmas in the Kitchen script:  8-10 minutes)
Narrated script includes 20 interactive rhymes along with 15+ non-speaking parts.


Christmas Show and Tell script excerpt:
(Animals enter and stand a few steps away from the manger)
Narrator: The animals in the barn could hear baby Jesus crying. They came by to show and tell him “hello” the best way they knew how. The bunny hopped by and said hello to Jesus.
(Bunny hops to manger, waves to baby, then hops off stage)
The kitten rubbed its soft fur on the baby’s face.
(Kitten rubs its face on baby, then exits)
The cow tickled the newborn savior with her tail.
(Cow touches baby with tail, then exits)
The dog licked the baby’s face.
(Dog pretends to lick baby, then exits)
From hops to tails, all of the animals had welcomed the new baby to their barn. Now they had to be very quiet, because baby Jesus was going to take a nap. Shhhh!

Song: Sh! There’s a Baby

(Entire Christmas Show and Tell script:  10-12 minutes)
Script includes narration and 5 rhymes plus 10 – 16 non-speaking parts.


Christmas Step-by-Step script excerpt:
Narrator:  Just as the shepherds and sheep were about to go to sleep, someone came to see them.  (to children)  Who came to visit the shepherds?
Children:  The angel.
(Angel #1 enters with scarf/ribbon from stage left and whirls and twirls over to the shepherds and sheep)
Narrator:  Step-by-step, the angel whirled and twirled her way over to the shepherds and sheep.  She was whirling and twirling with excitement because she had good news to tell them.  She told them that Jesus had been born in a barn in Bethlehem.  Then she invited the shepherds and sheep to go and see the newborn savior.  They would find him wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger.  Suddenly, the angel was joined by some more angels and together they sang, “Glory to God”.

Song:  One Little Angel  (NOTE:  motions & sign language)

Narrator:  When the angels were done singing, they whirled and twirled their way back to heaven.  The shepherds decided to go to Bethlehem and see the newborn savior that the angel had told them about.  So step-by-step they marched to the barn in Bethlehem.
(Shepherd #2 waves “March” sign and leads the sheep as they march to the manger, stage left)
Narrator:  When they got there, they used their quiet steps to walk into the barn to see the baby Jesus.
(Shepherd #3 waves “Quiet Feet” sign and leads the sheep as they tip-toe around the manger, looking at baby Jesus.  Shepherds and sheep exit stage left.)
Narrator:  It had been an exciting day full of good news for the shepherds.  As they left the barn, they told everyone they saw about the baby Jesus.  They were so excited about the good news of the birth of a savior that they couldn’t use their quiet steps . . . they just had to run and jump for joy.

Song:  Gotta Jump / Go Tell it on the Mountain  (NOTE:  jumps/claps/motions)

(Entire Christmas Step-by-Step script:  9 minutes)
Interactive narrated script includes 10+ non-speaking parts.


Lead the Way to Christmas script excerpt:
(Joseph enters carrying a knapsack-style bag & map and stands stage right)
Hello, (waves to crowd) my name is Joseph and I’m here to lead the way.
I need to get to Bethlehem, a town that’s far away. (points to back of room)
I’ve got my bag, I’ve got my map, (holds up bag & map) and both my shoes are tied.
And with each step I take, I know, that God is by my side.
(Joseph remains stage right as song is sung)

Song:  I’m Ready to Take a Step  (NOTE: steps & motions)

(As song ends, Mary enters carrying a blanket and stands stage right next to Joseph)
Hello, (waves to crowd) my name is Mary and I’m here to lead the way.
We need to get to Bethlehem and find a place to stay.
A place that’s warm, a place that’s dry, a place to make a bed; (holds up blanket)
for Jesus will be born tonight and we must plan ahead.

So off they went together to the town of Bethlehem.  (Mary & Joseph walk to center stage)
They could not find a place to stay, there was no room for them.  (shake their heads “no”)
They prayed for help, and God came through; just look at what they got!
A barn with lots of animals, a warm and cozy spot.

(Mary & Joseph walk to manger; Mary places blanket in manger and Joseph sets bag & map on floor by manger.  Animals enter stage left holding on to rope & stop at manger – goat has a pail, chicken has feathers in a bag, donkey has food bag, pig has watering can, cow has basket of raffia)

(Entire Lead the Way to Christmas script:  7-10 minutes)
Narrated script includes 16 original rhymes and 12 – 30 non-speaking parts.


Let’s Dress Up for Christmas script excerpt:
(Animals enter and stand center front)
Let’s dress up for Christmas.
The animals all came,
with ears and tails and feathers;
not one was dressed the same.
They mooed and barked and cackled,
when Jesus Christ was born. (make animal noises)
They welcomed baby Jesus,
that happy Christmas morn. (make animal noises)
(Animals exit)

(Entire Let’s Dress Up for Christmas script:  10-12 minutes)
Script includes 10 original rhymes for narrator or children plus 10 – 25 non-speaking parts.


Say “Cheese” for Christmas script excerpt:
Note:  Narrator should pause for a slow count of 5 on each picture.

Song:  Mary Sang  (NOTE: motions)

Mary got a few pictures of Joseph holding Jesus that night, too.
Picture #8 – Joseph holding baby Jesus wrapped in a blanket
It was hard to believe that this little baby was the savior that God had promised to send to the world.  Joseph and Mary were tickled to be able to hold God’s son in their arms.  And Joseph and Mary weren’t the only ones who were excited to welcome the newborn savior into the world.
Picture #9 – Animals surround Jesus in the manger
There were lots of animals in the barn.  And each one of them wanted to say “Hi” to Jesus in their own way.

Song:  In the Barn  (NOTE: motions)

Not far from where Jesus was born, there were some shepherds out in a field.
Picture #10 – Shepherds
They were taking care of their sheep.  They were also taking pictures of their sheep.
Picture #11 – A close-up of sheep faces
An angel come to visit the shepherds in the field.  The angel had a message for them.
Picture #12 – One angel holding large envelope with the word “MESSAGE” on it
The shepherds were afraid of the angel.
Picture #13 – Shepherds with hands up and frightened faces
The sheep were afraid of the angel, too.
Picture #14 – A close-up of frightened sheep faces
The angel said, “Don’t be afraid” and then she said, “Cheese.”
Picture #15 – One angel smiling
Then the angel said, “I am here with good news for you.  My good news will bring joy to all people.  Today, your savior was born in Bethlehem!  You will find the baby wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger.”

(Entire Say “Cheese” for Christmas script:  7-9 minutes)
Script includes narration and you add 22 pictures of your preschoolers.


Someone Has a Birthday script excerpt:
Narrator: The only way the wisemen would be able to find Jesus, was to follow a star . . . . a special star that God gave them to follow. If the star went over a hill, the wisemen went over a hill.
(Star walks forward scrunching down then walking tall as if walking over a hill followed by wisemen)
If the star went around in a circle, the wisemen went around in a circle.
(Star walks around in a circle followed by wisemen)
Wherever the star went, the wisemen followed. Then one day the star stopped at the place where Jesus was staying and the wisemen stopped, too.
(Star stops at manger followed by wisemen)
Each of the wisemen brought a special present. One of the wisemen brought presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh for Jesus.
(Wiseman carrying 3 boxes piled on top of each other sets them down at manger)
Another wiseman brought presents of food and water for the animals in the barn.
(Wiseman with pail and feed sack sets them down at the manger)
The last wiseman brought a birthday cake.
(Wiseman with cake, hands it to Joseph)
When the wisemen saw the baby lying in the manger, they knelt down and worshiped Jesus. Then they left to tell others that Jesus Christ had been born.

Song:  Ring the Bells
 (NOTE: jingle bells)

(Entire Someone Has a Birthday script:  10-12 minutes)
Narrated script includes 10 – 25 non-speaking parts.