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Senior Citizen Script Excerpts

Let’s Dress Seniors Up for Christmas script excerpt:
(Reader enters with garland around neck; choir takes out jingle bells as Reader reads)
Let’s dress up for Christmas, dress up each room with cheer.
We put up decorations, we love to see each year.
And when the tree is ready, take out the Christmas star,
And place it on the tip top;  We’ll see it from afar.
(Reader exits as music begins)

Song:  Deck the Halls  (NOTE: choir sings & then rings jingle bells on Fa-la-las)

(Choir puts jingle bells away as Reader enters)
Let’s dress up for Christmas and travel far away.
Meet Joseph and meet Mary.  They need a place to stay.
They looked until they found it, the perfect place – (choir together) HOORAY!
A cozy barn in Bethlehem, with lots and lots of hay.

Song:  Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful  (NOTE: Verse 1 & refrain)

(Entire Let’s Dress Seniors Up for Christmas script:  5-7 minutes . . . . . performance time for script plus songs – 20 minutes)

NOTE: This is available as a script ONLY!  Script includes 13 rhymes, prop list and a list of suggested Christmas songs that can be included in the program.