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Preschool Songs


Glory, Sing It – 2336

Children sing better when you combine singing with motion and claps. Glory Sing It is a song that does just that. Click to listen!

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I Am a Lamb – 4163

Preschoolers are always moving so why not pick a song that includes motions? I Am a Lamb is a preschool song that let’s pre-k kids clap and move as they sing praise to God. Click to listen!

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Close Your Eyes – 1271

Preschoolers love to learn sign language. Close Your Eyes is a lullaby for Jesus that includes sign language and is perfect song to sing for a preschool Christmas program.

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Jesus is a Friend – 4130

Teach preschool children about Jesus by singing songs about Jesus. Jesus is a Friend celebrates that Jesus is our friend. Motions are included in this pre-k song.

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