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Worship Service Songs


Come and Pray – 707

Song of invitation to pray that includes a promise that God will hear our prayers, mellow, based on Jeremiah 29:12-13
(this song is included in the contemporary worship service, Meditations of the Heart)
NOTE:  Sheet music ONLY!  No MP3 tracks available!

Come, Let Us Worship – 712

Psalm 95 is a Psalm that invites us to come and worship God. Come, Let Us Worship is up tempo and can be used at the beginning of a contemporary worship service.

Create in Me II – 714

Create in Me is a contemporary worship song that sets Psalm 51 to music. It's 6/8 meter makes it easy to sing with guitar or piano.

Founded in Peace, Set Free to Serve – 716

Founded in Peace, Set Free to Serve is a hymn that was commissioned for a church celebrating its 100th anniversary. It celebrates that all are welcome here, God has been with us and now we will tell of God's grace and faithfulness.

God Is Our Refuge – 717

God is Our Refuge is contemplative worship song for contemporary worship based on Psalm 46. What a comfort it is to know that God is our refuge - a safe place where we can find shelter.

Here at the Table – 719

Here at the Table is an up tempo contemporary song that can be sung as members in a congregation prepare to celebrate the Lord's Supper with communion.

I Lift Up My Eyes Unto the Hills – 723

This prayer from Psalm 121 reminds us to lift up our eyes to the hills and remember that God is here to help. Set to a contemporary tune as an echo song, this song is simple to teach to the worship community.

Making Christ Known – 731

Making Christ Known was commissioned as the stewardship theme song for the Lutheran Church and joyfully celebrates sharing our God-given gifts with others.