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Easier to direct

Our church kids love the songs with the claps and sign language . . . it just seems to bring the songs to life.  I am so glad I found your web site.  It has made my children’s programs so much easier to direct.

Best so far

Our end-of-the-school-year musical, Assignment: Life! was a huge hit!  It was truly enjoyed by all and we heard over and over again that it was the best so far!

Share God’s love

Our Sunday School did Assignment: Life! and it was a huge success.  Both the kids and the congregation loved it.  Thanks for giving our kids a fun way to share God’s love.

Congregation loved it

Our church put on Assignment: Life! as a multi-generational Easter program and our entire congregation LOVED it!  We had over 50 people in the program from age 3 to 80 and everyone involved had a great time!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with us.