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Music for little ones

Thank you for continuing to write such wonderful music for the little ones!  Christmas All Around is still ringing through my head and I am excited to get started on another one of your productions.

Good as the others

As always, our congregation very much enjoys the children’s musicals you write.  This musical is as good as the others.  Thank you for all of your hard work and sharing God’s gift with us.

Written perfectly

We loved Christmas All Around.  The parents couldn’t believe how well the preschoolers sang the songs.  Everything is written perfectly for preschoolers – cute, simple, and with a message.  Thanks!

Love it

Just wanted you to know that I received Christmas All Around in the mail and I have something to say . . . LOVE IT!!!!  I already have the songs memorized and cannot wait to teach them to my children!!!

Wonderful experience

I just wanted to thank you for your WONDERFUL Christmas program.  The songs were so catchy that my students loved singing them and sang their hearts out.  What a wonderful experience for my little ones to not only hear the Christmas story, but act it out and worship...