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Just can’t say enough

I just can’t say enough about how wonderful your children’s Christmas program was.  You are truly gifted and so creative.  Christmas Play by Play wasn’t just the Christmas story, it was a reminder that the good news of Christmas is a part of our...

Create memories

What a treat the children’s Christmas programs are at our church and preschool!  Your talents help us celebrate Christ and create memories.  Thank you!

Picked up the music quickly

We really enjoyed Christmas Play by Play.  The script was cute.  The kids picked up the music quickly because the songs were so accessible.  The skits left lots of flexibility to re-write as needed.  And the package was affordable!  Thank you so much!

Humor in the dialogue

This is our 6th Christmas play from Cathy’s Music.  The kids and I have loved them all!  I like your subtle humor in the dialogue and everyone likes the music.  Thanks!

Best one yet

Once again, we are looking forward to performing another one of your plays this year.  This is our 10th play, and each year our congregation says it’s the best one yet!  Thank you!”