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Awesome time

We had an awesome time with your Christmas musical. Everyone really had fun with it.  Our children have performed many of your Christmas musicals over the years.  I have loved them all.  Your songs have such variety with different tunes and hand motions.

Great compliments

Thanks for doing such a great job on Christmas Snapshots. We did a Power Point presentation and the children did the music – just like you suggested. It was such fun music and we got great compliments from the parents and congregation.

Really got into it

We had a wonderful time doing our photo shoot for the Christmas musical at a farm near us. My favorite photo is the shepherd’s eating their midnight snack. These songs are wonderful. The children really got into it!

Entertaining and inspiring

Thank you for providing us with a delightful musical that was entertaining as well as inspiring.  The music was easy and fun to learn.  The children enjoyed the variety of musical styles and the suggested movements.