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Tried and true

As a musical director at my school, I often write the Christmas musical dialogues and find music to go with it.  This year it is nice to have a break and have one already written that’s tried and true.  One of our sister schools used Signs of Christmas last year...

Everyone loved the program

I just wanted to tell you that we did the Signs of Christmas musical last year at our church.  We are a small church and wanted to use all of the children.  I broke up the script and songs into Sunday School class groups so each class did the script that went with...

Fun with the music

We loved Signs of Christmas.  The children have so much fun with the music.  They can’t wait to start on the next musical and don’t want to wait until Christmas to do another play.  Thank you for your inspired ministry for children.  It allows them to...

So much personality

Our church thoroughly enjoyed Signs of Christmas.  The children learned the songs fast because the music was full of so much personality and variety AND the sign language was as beautiful as I had imagined!  We got rave reviews and I wanted to pass them on.

Easy to put together

Signs of Christmas was so easy to put together.  The children (even the boys!) loved the music and wanted to practice and sing.  Thanks for providing us with a great way to tell the Christmas story.