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Different styles of music

We are really excited to perform Takin’ It Through the Day.  We love the different styles of music and that the script is simple and we can adapt it to our needs.  Thank you, Cathy!


What I liked about it was its Biblical foundation. It was joyful and interesting while at the same time substantive. I noticed the joy that the young people exhibited as they entered into this musical. It seemed like it spoke to them as well as to those of us who were...


Our cast members had so much fun with Takin’ It Through the Day last spring. Your music is great and the messages are inspirational. Thanks for sharing your talents with us so we can share the word with others!

Did a fantastic job

Our 7th and 8th graders performed Takin’ It Through the Day and they did a FANTASTIC job!  Thank you for writing such great God-honoring music and a great script.  I hope you will continue to compose more musicals for teens, as this really fills a niche.