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Best musical worship

This year we had great fun with The Christmas Clinic!  Some said it was the best musical worship the kids have ever done. Thank you for your continuing ministry in music.

A great success

Our assisted living family did The Christmas Clinic and it was a great success.  The average age was 93.3!  Thank you for your creativity.

A grand time

I am writing to tell you that the congregation just loved The Christmas Clinic.  People were laughing, singing, and having a grand time.  My thanks to you.

Still talking about it

I purchased The Christmas Clinic and we loved it!  We had 73 children ages 3 to 18 leading us in a worship that the church is still talking about!  It was a perfect fit that allowed everyone to participate according to their gifts – the outgoing children did the...

So many compliments

We got so many compliments.  You made telling the same wonderful Christmas story so much fun by adding the clinic theme and the fact that we are all in need of a cure.